From the Darkness to the Light


Ancient Music and Contemporary Sounds come to the Light

In September 2017 Michele and I met for a rehearsal for a new project. We talked about working through our roots, our background and our present. I thought about my music life, my experiences in Italy and in Berlin, what I am now, what is around me and what I would like to explain through the music. I had an Idea: I used to sing in a Vocal Group in Italy for 10 years Gregorian Chants. Was a great experience and a totally different kind of music world. I grew up singing in a choir, I sang for along time Palestrina and De Victoria but Gregorian Chants are really another way. So I took a couple of pieces, I went to Michele and told him: “please create a deep soundscape, underground sounds and I sing on it. It was the first time that we played “Ecce lignum” and was for both a surprise to listen what we created. We recorded this first rehearsal and it became a video. Extempore was born!“ Tamara Soldan

Extempore is a duo founded in Berlin by singer Tamara Soldan and electronic musician Michele Pedrazzi. Jazz, experimental and ancient music meet in the background of the two Italian musicians: from this combination originates the idea of a virtual dialog between past and present, between musical forms that appear to be distant but are surprisingly compatible.

The retrieval process concentrates on the Gregorian chant, here presented in an abstract light, released from its original context. Spread on the electronic textures, the chant becomes pure vocal matter, ready to be processed by the machine.

Extempore is a journey among evocative fragments and unexpected soundscapes, where the ancient melodies enter a new dimension, still keeping their original drive: the movement that goes “from the darkness to the light”.


Extempore music was also selected as soundtrack for the documentary “Frattura” by Marzotti-Buttignol-Ghione, already presented at the Gibellina 2018 Night Visions Festival.